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Sandy Bikus, head coach of SwimBikusRun

Empowering your inner warrior

At SwimBikusRun, we believe that the body was made to move, and in many planes, many times, every day. We all need a little push to move, move differently and embrace new challenges. That's where coaching comes in. Allowing Coach Sandy to partner with you will make the journey more enjoyable, productive and successful.

If it's time to make a change, chart a journey and arrive at new destinations via sport nutrition or general wellness, get in touch with Coach Sandy and schedule a "no sweat assessment."

What if you could connect with a positive community of people at all levels of ability who are pursuing fitness as a way of life? At SwimBikusRun, you can.

Call or email Coach Sandy at 402.218.6966 or to get started!

Best of Omaha 2014USAT Certified CoachTraining Peaks Certified Coach
Sandy Bikus - Yoga Teacher in Omaha